Unique qualities
for all damper types

On tarmac, gravel or in the sand dunes, we deliver the best solution for every condition and every type of motorsport.

We have a wide range of possibilities for cars, from simple dampers without adjustments to high-tech, self-thinking andw multi-adjustable dampers. Everything is possible and if we don’t have it in our ‘standard’ package, we will make it for you.

Our car dampers are divided
in 3 different basic types:

4622 our basic model for those who don’t need a lot of


5062 our ‘upside down’ damper for autocross and light

rally cars.

570 our rally damper for all types of car related racing.

The above-mentioned dampers look completely different on the outside, but all of them are built with the same accuracy and passion. The differences are mostly in the construction, where we took a look at firmness, weight, friction and if the damper is easy to assemble and maintain. We decide which type of damper is best for you after an extensive intake, where we discuss your demands and wishes. We combine that with our experience so we will always get the best solution for you.