Who are we

Reiger Suspension is an independent organization with an international reputation in the development and production of shock absorbers. Our specialty is the development of shock absorbers to be used under extreme conditions in auto- and motorsports. We have our own vision on the features that make each Reiger shock absorber distinctive. Each customer receives a personal consultation to make sure everyone gets exactly what he needs. We want you to communicate with your vehicle.

Our products

We provide the best shock absorbers for all classes in auto- and motorsport. Both in terms of quality, reliability and lifespan. Continuous development is one of the greatest strengths of Reiger Suspension. We want to win, want to be the best. Because of that, we always stay ahead of the competition.

Every damper is developed, produced and assembled here in our own factory in Hengelo. This makes it possible to be very flexible and produce prototypes sometimes within a day. It is no coincidence that major factory teams choose our dampers. With over 60 employees, we work hard every day to get you the best dampers.