MX Front fork

We don’t make front forks, but adjust them for you. Just as your damper the fork is adjusted to everything you encounter. We make sure that it listens perfectly to you. You can distinguish yourself with one of our unique systems that can be built into your fork. Are your arms tired from absorbing all the bumps? Your fork can do that for you!

See our Fast Impact Protection: FIP. We have developed the Reiger cartridge to have more control over your front fork. We have a compression and rebound adjustment, hydrostop and fork springs custom made for you.

FIP (Fast Impact Protection) is made for closed cartridge systems. Like you will probably get from the name, it absorbs the short, hard impacts so your arms don’t have to do that. You get a lot more control, traction and stability.

CPS (Compression Progressive System)  is for open cartridge systems. It has multiple adjustments for the compression damping. The beginning of the damper travel is very stable and flawlessly transfers into the more comfortable damping for the bigger bumps. The end of the damper travel is very progressive to prevent bottoming.